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Devotional Guide for Thursday, August 4

2 Chronicles 24:17-27


As I read these passages, I wonder sometimes if the people just became immune to the messages of the prophets. Did they so frequently hear they should stop what they were doing and return to the Lord or be punished, but only to not see any consequences to their actions?

Today’s passage is another sad note in the life of the people. Here was a new king and again he didn’t follow God, but rather idols. But unlike other passages, we read that within a year the consequences of not obeying the Lord were upon them.

With all the competing voices in our lives, I wonder if we have also become a bit immune to the voice of the Lord.


I encourage you to take some time today to consider how often you are seeking out the voice of the Lord in your life. May you hear Him clearly today.

Pastor Terry

Pray for John and Juanita Feniak, Wycliff Bible Translators

Wycliffe is working to end “Bible Poverty” and bring the Word of God to those who do not yet have it in a language they best understand. John is a Development Officer, connecting with donors across Western Canada to share about field projects and the amazing stories of what God is doing in the lives of those we serve around the world.  Juanita is a Member Care Advisor, a role that has been described as part HR, and part pastoral care.  Juanita works directly with many of our 300+ Wycliffe Canada missionaries, helping them to be supported and successful in their roles, especially as they go through transitions in their work and family life.  Juanita also has a part time role helping John in Development work, meeting with donors, and sharing the stories and opportunities for them to be involved. Please pray for translation and language work to continue unhindered.

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