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Devotional Guide for Wednesday, September 21

Acts 7:1-16


Today we start to look at the longest speech in Acts. Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit (v10), lets loose the truth and passion that has been entrusted to him for the praise of our glorious Lord.

There are many stories that Stephen could have pulled from as he steered his listeners towards the wonderful grace of Jesus. They may have wanted to hear Stephen now, but in Friday’s devotional we’ll see their response.   

Interestingly, he used stories that have at least two things in common:
1. They are stories that came out of struggle. The players in the story knew rejection and suffering.
2. They are stories that reveal God often works through impossible situations to reveal an even better way towards His glory.

You are no stranger to suffering. If not now, you have been and will be again in the midst of a situation that leads you to believe there is no hope. That’s a hard place to be and it is promised that, as a Christian, this is our reality (1 Peter 4:12-13).

Where is your struggle taking you? Will you pray for the strength and courage to come to Jesus and follow Him through the darkness?

We are also promised that this suffering is temporary, it is not for eternity (Rev.21:3). There will be a better day. Resist the drift towards pity, and fight towards a life of praise.
I’d love to walk with you through this struggle.

Pastor Dan


  • Pray for our Prime Minister and Premier, Mayor Sohi, your MP, your MLA, and any other government officials God brings to your mind.
  • Pray for Dave Schneider, our Youth and Worship Pastor and Erin Gibbard, Youth Ministry Associate.
  • Pray for all our small group leaders.
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