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Devotional Guide for Thursday, September 22

Acts 7:17-43


Is your life going like you thought it would? Have there been any speedbumps along the way or detours you weren’t expecting?

Today we read a recounting of the life of Moses--a boy born at a time when Pharaoh had ordered all male babies to be killed, yet he was spared. Being raised as one of Pharaoh’s own, he had privilege and opportunity, but was not wanted by his own people when he tried to help them. After 40 years of being in the wilderness, which I’m guessing Moses didn’t expect to be a part of his life story, God called to Moses and used him to reclaim His people.

It is easy for us to look at Moses’ life and see how God had His hand on his life, even in the difficult years. But it is harder for us to have that same perspective in our own lives.

Is God really paying attention to our situation? Will God show up? How is this going to turn out? These are all valid questions, but I hope you will believe and experience the truth that God IS watching over you and is right with you in your current situation.

Pastor Terry

Pray for Aaron Albu – Athletes in Action

We are back on campus now at U of A, MacEwan, and Kings. It's been such a blessing to meet in person again with all the students. This year we have two weekly meetings: one at U of A on Monday nights for varsity and professional athletes, and one at MacEwan on Thursday nights for all students in general. For the MacEwan outreach, we are using the Alpha video series and teaming up with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Please pray for the Christian students we meet, that their faith and dependence on Jesus would be strengthened. As well, please pray for those who are searching this year for meaning and life, that they would be introduced to Jesus for the first time. Pray that our Edmonton staff team would have energy and strength as we rely on the Holy Spirit together during this very busy fall season.

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