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Devotional Guide for Thursday, March 16

Hebrews 9:1-10


If you are like me, when reading today’s passage you might be wondering what it has to say to us today. But after a little study, I have found it has some wonderful things for us to be paying attention to.

Amid all these details and rituals are located the truths that God desires people to approach Him. The path the priests took from the outer court to the inner sanctuary gives us a picture of moving toward God.

The passage also draws attention to the way God wanted people to approach Him, for God is holy and we as people are not. So, there is intentionality in approaching God.


As you reflect on this passage and the order of things, consider your own life and how you approach God. Are you being drawn toward God? In your approach, do you recognize God’s holiness?

Pastor Terry

Pray for Yuri Nakano-NAB Japan

My main focus of ministry is in leadership development with particular emphasis on women. I live in the southern part of Osaka prefecture and attend Komyo Christian Church.  I do not serve in just one particular church, but for the 12 Japan Baptist churches. My main goal is to empower the women to create a vibrant women’s ministry in their churches. Most of my ministry involves mentoring the women leaders in the churches and leading training seminars. I am involved in a Japan-wide interdenominational Women’s Committee and will also help out the churches with occasional puppet ministry to children and preaching.  Pray that Japanese women would be empowered to use their gifts to lead and also to disciple other women to share the gospel with boldness.

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