Freedom Session is a 28-week intensive journey that uncovers and offers healing for the deeper heart issues that often fuel our unhealthy attitudes, harmful behaviours and destructive choices.

We all have hurts, unresolved conflicts and unhealthy ways we avoid dealing with them along with justifying behaviors that offend those we love. Freedom Session is for people struggling in their relationships, those preparing for marriage and those walking through a painful separation or divorce. It is for those who’ve been wounded through sexual abuse, abandonment or domestic violence. It is for perfectionists, avoiders, men and women addicted to pornography/alcohol or drugs, workaholics and those with frozen emotions. It helps people deal with depression, food addiction/disorders, cutting and those who feel they are victims. It is for longtime church attenders and those who are skeptical of Christianity. Freedom Session is for people who just sense something is missing, who are wondering if this is all there is to life or is there something more. For more information on Freedom Session, check out their website at

McKernan offers Freedom Session in a large group setting and as a curriculum for existing small groups to work through. For more information about McKernan’s Freedom Session, contact Pastor Melissa.

Freedom Session coming again Sunday evenings in Fall 2023. Join us for a 28-week discipleship journey that will transform your faith in Christ. Registration will open in August.