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Devotional Guide for Thursday, May 25

Genesis 24:28-67


Do you have a God story? A situation or a time in your life that as you look back on it now, you can see how God worked or moved?

Often, I think we would prefer to see God at work before we walk by faith. We want assurance of what will happen, instead of trusting God to do what is best.

Abraham’s servant asked God for success and a specific sign. The request was so outrageous that if it came to be, it could only be God who did it.

The trouble with using this type of exchange with God is that we can be drawn into thinking we can control God’s actions. We act like we can back God into a corner and force Him to do what we want done.

How much do you trust God? Do you trust God to work in your mind and heart to give you godly discernment without doing a fleece test? Do you trust God to be God?

Pastor Terry

Missionary of the Week – Aaron Albu (Athletes in Action)

Aaron currently serves as campus director for MacEwan University with AIA. He leads a weekly meeting with their student athletes throughout the academic year and provides chaplaincy services to a few of their sports teams. He is also working as a sports chaplain and coach with The King’s University, specifically with the men’s soccer team. This summer, Aaron has been serving as a chaplain with the Edmonton Huskies of the CJFL, and is also creating a new partnership to serve the Edmonton Stingers basketball team. He is also assisting Brent Kassian as a junior chaplain in training with the Edmonton Elks. Right now, Aaron would love prayer for the new(ish) student ministry at MacEwan as he prepares for the fall, and for God to open doors.

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